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Certified Underground Contractor in the state of Florida since 2008, ASP Underground Solutions brings team of experts with decades of experience. Utilizing various trenchless construction methods, projects are completed with zero disruption to the community, ahead of schedule, and under budget.  Only sourcing advanced materials, and equipment; you can rest assured that ASP Underground Solutions will deliver the safety and integrity of your infrastructure for generations to come.


Soil Stabilization

Utilizing chemical polymers in loose soils, we can "glue" the soil into an impervious mass without disturbance in soil volume.  Chemical grouting is ideal in coastal regions with soil instability that causes problems during and after construction.

Depending on the nature of the soil, moisture content, organics, etc; ASP Underground Solutions can provide a chemical solution that can will be the best option for increasing the ground bearing capacity.


Trench Sealing 

In Florida soils, it's safe to say that you will encounter groundwater. Your dewatering plan may include a wellpoint system, deep well,  kellywell, or all of them. Sometimes groundwater can work its way around (or under) the tight sheeting.  When this happens, we have recently been successful at "pushing" the water pocket outside the excavation pit utilizing strong polymers from either the positive or negative pressure side.  The result is a watertight membrane on leaving the utility contractor a dry workable excavation pit.


Leak Sealing

Chemical grout is injected from the interior of the structure avoiding digs, trenches or costly replacements. Groundwater is constantly fighting to penetrate though defects buried infrastructure. ASP Underground Solutions performs Injection grouting to eliminate leaks easily, affordably and effectively.



Inflow & Infiltration Mitigation

Infiltration from leaking barrel joints, cracks and pipe penetrations are no match for ASP Underground Solutions.  Chemical grouts permanently seal active groundwater infiltration and stabilizes soils around the manhole making it friendly to both the environment and your wastewater budget. 



Structural Injection

Epoxy injection is an economical method of repairing non-moving cracks in concrete walls, slabs, columns and piers and is capable of restoring the concrete to its pre-cracked strength.  ASP Underground utilizes high strength epoxies of varied viscosities for crack injection repairs.  It is important, prior to doing any injection it is necessary to determine the cause of the crack.  If the source of cracking has not been determined and remedied or of the concrete is defective,  the concrete may crack again.

The Proven Economical Solution​

Aging infrastructure repairs are costly and time consuming; shutting down utilities and roadways for days to weeks. Our chemical repair solution is a truly trenchless application that is quicker and more cost-effective than traditional methods. Once injected, the low viscosity chemical polymers (similar to water) aggressively seek out voids along the path of least resistance. After a few short minutes (depending on the soil makeup), the polymer reacts and begins to expand throughout void content in the soil essentially filling joint separations or cracks.  

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